Thursday, May 1, 2014

Things from January and Feburary!

Sentences back on Janurary 15, things you love and things you hate.

Momma help please

You love:

Our cat (Tag)
The pool
Playing outside

All food

You hate:
Getting out of the pool
Getting out of the bath
Not getting your way

On the evening  of Feb. 5 Olivia climbed out of her crib onto her dresser and then fell off her dresser.  She was standing on her dresser because she had the Neosporin in her hand which used to live on the shelf above her dresser.
On Feb. 6 Daddy converted her crib into a toddler bed and moved her furniture around.
On Feb 7 she used her chair to climb onto her dresser.  We now moved her furniture around again.
Since they Miss O hasn't slept in her toddler bed.  She usually naps on her chair and at night she sleeps on the floor. 
The first she wasn't napping or sleeping much at all.  Two weeks later and she is sleeping ok but not as long as she used to.
Also big news is that Miss O has decided to wants to go pee in the potty.  She is in underwear from after nap until bedtime but still wearing diapers/pulls ups in the morning and at night.
She pooped in the potty for the first time yesterday Feb. 18 and started going pee in the potty on Wed Feb. 12.

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