Wednesday, July 2, 2014

First day of preschool!

Miss O's first day of preschool was yesterday, July 1!  Drop off went great but she didn't want to come home.  It took 15 minutes to get her in the car and she screamed the whole way home.  She was very upset and didn't want to take a nap. She finally fell asleep for nap at 2:45pm and slept until 4:30pm.  Bedtime routine was off and she didn't fall asleep until almost 9pm.  She kept calling for me :(  Once she finally fell asleep she didn't wake up until 630am.  Drop off went fine today!!

I couldn't get her to look at me in the pictures I took!
Lunch was carrots, tomatoes, grapes and a peanut butter/honey sandwich.  She ate all the grapes, most of the sandwich, most of the tomatoes and some carrot.

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  1. Such a big girl already!! I knew she would love preschool.....can't wait to see her (and you guys too) this weekend!